Type of Mosquito net you should select for your summer camp
Type of Mosquito net you should select for your summer camp

Type of Mosquito net you should select for your summer camp

Summer camping could really be a thrilling experience for all of us but at the same time we cannot forget about the mosquito bites which turn the camping into nightmare. In order to protect yourself from mosquito bites on your adventurous trips you can consider taking mosquito net along so that you can protect yourself from dangerous mosquito bites. Here are few suggestions given below to pick a good mosquito net for your camping to avoid any kind of problem related to pest bites in the summer camp. 

Pre-Installed mosquito net 

If you are looking for alternative to single bed mosquito net and something that could be ready to use within blink of eyes then pre-installed sort of mosquito nets can serve your purpose better. These are mosquito nets that you just have to open like an umbrella and they are ready to be used. When going out on a camp you do not have much time to install mosquito nets and that is why you can choose to such types of mosquito nets easily. Majority of the people who choose to go for summer camps adopt to this type of mosquito nets to save their time and lower the worries for finding points to hang the nets on trees or such places.

Mosquito net that require one point for hanging on ceiling

There are mosquito nets that are easy to install as you are just supposed to hang one edge of the net on the net placed in ceiling. Mosquito net for bed with single hanging point are best suitable for summer camp as you can hang it to a tree bush or something else of this sort and take a good sleep without waking up with mosquito bites. More these mosquito nets are light in weight owing to serve the purpose of single person to protect from mosquitos outside the net. So you can easily tuck it inside your trekking or camping bag.

Big mosquito nets which require multiple points for hanging 

If you know the skill of how to fold mosquito net then this type of mosquito nets are going to help you in accommodating a family inside the mosquito net.  The drawback that is associated with this type of mosquito nets is that you have to find multiple hanging points in such nets which is by the way not that difficult in a place you are exploring for summer camping. Nature can gives you thousands of better options to install this type of nets and more than two people can sleep inside such mosquito nets easily. This is the biggest benefit of this type of nets for those who are on a summer camping.

Tent shape mosquito nets for easy use on camping

There are mosquito net for double bed size that are in tent shape and you can use such nets to feel like you are sleeping in tents. If your summer camp zone is not prone to wildlife and reptiles you can replace the tent to a mosquito net like this as the ultimate purpose of net will be to protect from the pests only. Make sure that you are taking this sort of mosquito nets along when there is no issue regarding the weight of the net as these types of nets are a bit heavier than the others and you might suffer with heavy load on your shoulders. 

Use mosquito nets with extra holes for better protection 

There are mosquito nets with extra holes which makes such mosquito nets best for protecting the person from mosquito bites. Mosquito net for single bed and double bed are available in this category of nets.  One of the major reason why you should carry along this types of mosquito nets with you is that they can protect you in areas where summer camps are organized in very well manner. Mosquito and such pests can be seen in high number in camping areas and a mosquito net having multiple holes more than average one can save you from all sort of pests and that is too very effectively. 

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