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If you want to buy baby sandal for Kids, you can go and get it from anywhere because online and off-line market is full of retailers who sell kids sandals. However, when it comes to infant sandal number of manufacturer and seller exists are very thin. Basics21 Online Stores has more than 100 designs and colour in baby sandal for 3 to 6 month, 6 to 9 month and 9-to-12-month kids. Buy cheap and budget friendly baby sandal at your doorstep in discounted prices. Its a perfect gift for baby boy and girl.


To determine what matters most when selecting baby sandals for your tiny bundle of joy when he or she is ready to walk, consider the following:

You'll have your little one up and making mischief and running in no time if you shop at the correct time, choose the right kind of baby girl sandals or baby boy sandals, and know-how to guarantee that the shoes are correctly fitted.

When your infant begins to walk, you should purchase shoes for him or her.


Infants do not need shoes since you will be transporting them wherever you go. However, once your baby begins to walk on its own, it's a good idea to keep at least one pair of baby sandals on hand to safeguard him or her from dirt, germs, and potentially dangerous things. Therefore, you should visit the various baby sandals sale.


It is quite OK to let your infant practice walking at home without shoes. However, even if they are barefoot, they may be more successful in figuring out how to balance those initial shaky steps.


It is possible that your kid may be injured if they walk barefoot outdoors. Avoid allowing your infant to wander barefoot in parks, on pavement, or on rocky terrain where their feet may be damaged or injured by sharp objects.


When your infant is in a good mood, you may go shopping.


You do not want your darling little shoe shopper to get overtired and grumpy at the end of the day. Because your baby will need to wander about when putting on new shoes, try to schedule shoe-trying sessions around naps and meals. It's unlikely that a hungry, unhappy baby would be interested in putting on shoes (and you don't want to attempt to put shoes on feet that are kicking frantically!)


In the evening, go shopping.


Baby feet may swell in the same way as adult feet can. Considering that your baby's feet are often more significant round the clock, you may want to wait to go shopping until later. Shoes that blend well in the morning with fitting may be excessively tight in the evening.


Choose slip-on shoes to reduce time while putting on and taking off your shoes.


If you opt not to wear Velcro or lace-up shoes, you may want to consider a slip-on shoe instead. While slip-on's can reduce time during the on and off procedure, they have certain disadvantages and advantages. For example, when you adjust the thickness of your baby's socks, it is more challenging to get the slip-on shoes to fit appropriately. They may also be simple for your infant to take off, resulting in you searching for a misplaced shoe.


Fit, shape, and function are the most important considerations when choosing the finest toddler shoes. There are a variety of adorable kicks for tots available that will meet both of these criteria. Apply these guidelines for purchasing toddler shoes to match any style, catching your eye and, of course, the sight of your child.

Latest Design Baby Sandal

Anti-slippery, Soft inner sole, Skin friendly material used in baby sandal. Wide variety of kids sandal available at reasonable prices. Our baby sandal online India store gives separate section for boys and girls in infant footwear. Now parents who want to buy baby girls’ sandal don’t need to look hundreds of male or unisex product. One can check out latest design in the girls’ section. One can easily find and buy barbie, butterfly, elsa and ribbon design. In baby boys’ sandal section angry bird, monkey, panda, design sandal are the product to watch out. This is high time to give a gift to baby without wasting time.

Unisex baby sandal has, chota bhim, motu-patlu, mickey mouse, peppa george, rabbit design. Kids sandal below 1 year of age in Pink, Red, Blue, Yellow colour available with us. 

Size Available: 3 to 6 months, 6 to 9 months, and 9 to 12 months.