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Buy Mosquito Net for double bed and Single bed online in India in just one click. We have wide parity of nets. Foldable Mosquito net is latest invention in this market where one can set it on your bed in just one minute. Good quality product, reasonable price. We also sale baby mosquito net without stand. You can buy net in according to the size of your bed. Standard size is 6 feet x 6 feet. We offer net above the standard size.

Buying mosquito is need of an hour. Do you get proper sleep without a net? I don’t think it is possible in any part of India. Getting sleep without a net is daydream now a day. It’s nightmare to think a proper healthy sleep in a room with just a bed along with fan or Air condition. Net gives a luxury to get rid of Mosquito during your Sleep.

Why Should I Buy Foldable Mosquito Net? 

In the busy life of Metro cities, we don’t get proper sleep. Working hours are quite long whereas time to sleep has gone thinner. What if these sleeping hours get affected by mosquitos? Improper sleeping not only create health issues, but it may also impact your work as well. Buy Mosquito net online for double bed/ Single Bed and get rid of the problem of improper sleeping

Buy Cheap Mosquito net?

Since, Product like Foldable Mosquito Net without rope looks so stylish and classy, majority of people consider that this is a costly product and might be out of their pocket. But this is not true. Price of this product is well within the limit of common man. Basics21 ships Low-cost foldable Mosquito Net without hanging anywhere in India on just one click.

How to Fold Mosquito Net?

Folding Mosquito net without rope is not a complex process. However, we keep getting questions regarding how to fold mosquito net from our customers. What all we need to do is to first press one corner of the net inside diagonally. Then close the ‘V-shape’ created in the net. Now we have tangle type shape in front of us. We have to create three circles from the tangle. We need to make a circle from the top. Then, hold the lower side of bigger circle and make another circle from it. Tie all the three circles with the rubber band attached with the Foldable Mosquito Net.