5 Types of mosquito nets you can buy in market
5 Types of mosquito nets you can buy in market

5 Types of mosquito nets you can buy in market

This fact is no more hidden in society that people are again coming back to mosquito net as find it best substitute to all the chemically loaded pest repellents. But if you step out to buy a mosquito net or browse through online shopping sites which deals in mosquito net you are surely going to confuse which one to buy. It is not like earlier days when we have only one type of mosquito net with poles and huge net which takes ages to get into place and fold back. The reason why people shifted to chemical pest repellents is due to tedious job to folds such tricky mosquito nets earlier. But now the scenario has changed today we have mosquito nets with a tinge of modernism and you can fold them in couple of minutes and install them in same time as well. Here are the five common types of mosquito net for bed and windows that you can buy from any common place which is involved in the sale of mosquito nets.

Bubble shape mosquito net for modern homes

The most fancy and alluring type of mosquito net that is not going to an old look to your home is bubble shaped mosquito net. It can effectively repel the mosquito and give a modern look to your home as well. People who are very much conscious about the looks of their home can go with these bubble shaped mosquito nets in order to do not make their home look weird with modern equipment and stereotypical mosquito net. You can enquire such fancy and modern mosquito net price on several sites before making it a buy to find the best deal. Such nets are a bit costlier owing to their synchronization with modern homes.


Traditional canopy style net for repelling mosquitos

We all are very much known to a canopy style mosquito net that we used to have during our childhood days in our homes. Such mosquito nets are tied in such a way over the bed that they takes a shape of canopy and that is why named so. You really need to put efforts to learn how to fold mosquito net for this type of nets and how to put them on the bed daily. This is a tedious job but still find this sort of mosquito nets for bed interesting to live their childhood again. No doubt these nets are very much effective in keeping the pests away but they are going to consume some calories from your body to put them in place and fold them back. This much efforts seems genuine and worth if you want to stay away from those harmful chemical pest repellents.

Market is flooded with dome shape mosquito nets

As the name speaks for itself dome shaped mosquito nets are made in the shape of dome which can be tied to the roof of the room and rest of the net can be adjusted across the bed easily. You do not need to install such types of mosquito nets daily and you can simply fix the net in dome style on ceiling and job is almost done. When you do not need this net across your bed you can simply fold it and hang it upside. These dome shaped mosquito net for double bed and single bed avaible easily on several online platforms but always trust a reliable platform to not get looted like basics 21.


Mosquito nets for windows

Mosquito nets for windows is a very convenient thing coming in the market these days which saves people from folding and placing mosquito nets daily around the bed. Such window nets can easily be placed on window pan like we place shields on car windows to protect us from sunlight. Adjust the mosquito nets against the window glass of your room and sleep easy. But make sure that this mosquito net for window will protect you from outside pests and those which are already in the room still going to trouble you so first adopt a way to get them out.  If you do not want to buy foldable mosquito net then there is a good savior for you and you can easily rely on mosquito nets for windows.


Baby mosquito nets

The Baby mosquito net are the best thing you can buy for your baby as you can keep the baby in environment full of chemicals from pest repellents. Adjustable, small, large all types of mosquito nets for baby can be availed in the market. You can use these types of mosquito nets for baby for outdoor trips as well to get away the pests from your baby. Infants which are taken out for picnic and dose off in between can be made to sleep in parks or such places with these mosquito nets to lower the risk of pest bites especially mosquitos.


Although today we are full of options for buying mosquito nets in market but online platforms are considered best for this sort of products. The question is that which platform is ideal for such stuff to buy and the answer is basics 21. People find this platform very dear to them as it gives best price when compared to other shopping sites and quality of mosquito net sold by basics 21 is also awesome. More you can get the product delivered at your doorstep with lightning fast delivery. Product is double checked before packaging to customer to avoid wrong item, defected item to be delivered to customer. So these are the prominent reasons why you can blindly trust basics 21.