Why to avoid arch shaped baby sandals in first 5 years?
Why to avoid arch shaped baby sandals in first 5 years?

Why to avoid arch shaped baby sandals in first 5 years?

Parents never buy anything for their kids until or unless they research on every minute detail of it to make the perfect buy for their little ones. When it comes to buy baby sandals for a baby girl or boy the similar funda is applied to it as well. Few are in opinion that arched shape sandals are perfect for baby feet as baby do not have natural arch on the sole on the foot. On the contrary many others do not admit to this fact and object buying arch shaped sandals for baby before the bay turns five years or older. So here we will discuss in detail why arch shaped sandals are harmful for the babies and particular reasons behind this notion.

What are arch shaped sandals for baby?

Arch shaped sandals are made with a sole in the form of arch so that baby can find the utmost comfort by wearing them. Baby girl sandals with various designs are also coming in arch shape and many people prefers buying them without doing a little research on its harm for tender little feet of the baby. Many parents are buying such sandals by thinking that it may develop an arch in their baby feet which is lacking and end up troubling the natural growth of their baby’s feet.

Arched sandals for baby affect the natural arch development of baby feet

We also have seen baby feet in our life and all of them are flat unlike adult feet which are arch in shape. As a result of which if you are buying baby sandals online with arch shape then it can ruin the natural arch development of baby feet. Human body is well designed by the almighty by keeping everything into consideration and we cannot challenge the nature at any point. The flat feet of baby helps him to walk with minimum pressure on his tender and fragile muscles of the feet and legs and as the strength of the muscles increases the arch starts building with time. So when we try to experiment with his flat feet by using arched sandals it makes him difficult to move around with such pair of footwear.

Baby finds uncomfortable to walk with arched sandals 

When the natural way of baby walking is altered with arch shaped baby sandals it cause huge discomfort to the baby and he finds very difficult to walk like he used to do earlier. Today we can see huge variety of baby sandals online India have but you must have good idea about how to pick the right pair of footwear for your little heart. You might see your baby getting injuries more often by falling on the ground time and again while wearing arched or such shaped sandals. So let him follow the path of nature and do not try to snug his feet in something that can mold his feet shape for bad reasons. Once your baby cross the age of five years you can give him any shape or size sandals except for high heels which are again much debated amongst the people.

Restricting baby feet to a certain shape of sandal distort natural growth of feet

One of the most dangerous consequence that you can encounter by giving a pair of arched shape baby boy sandals or for that matter baby girl sandals is that it can distort the natural growth of baby feet. When you are having artificial shape of baby sandals that do not go well with the shape of your baby feet then it can hamper the growth of his feet to a certain account. You might observe twisted feet of baby is developing as you tries to mold it in arch shape with such shape sandals and results turned out in other way. Elephant shaped legs, improper body alignment are some major bad consequences of buying arch shaped baby sandals for your baby.

So never try to buy arched shape sandals for your baby as it can hurt him in every way whether distorting the natural growth of the feet or altering the body alignment of the baby. You can avail baby sandals sale online on basics 21 where all the products are baby specific and not harmful to them as well. Here you will not get any footwear for baby that can cause harm to the little feet. More the variety of the baby sandals that we offer is marvelous and that is too at amazing cost. You do not have to wander here and there in scorching heat of summer for finding the exact size and variety of baby sandals or any other baby footwear as we are able to cater every need of our customers with full competency.